Austruct Group Steel Detailers Perth Western Australia
About Us
About Us

Structural Steel Detailing Australia

Austruct Group has been specialising in the structural steel industry for 25 years, providing high quality steel detailing services to the mining & resources, LNG, materials handling, infrastructure and general fabrication industries.

Austruct Group operates the latest Prosteel 3D software from Bentley systems partnered with NavisWorks which is at the forefront of detailing and BIM development Worldwide.

This enables us to produce accurate and easy to read drawings and lists along with NC data as well as user friendly access to project information and models.

Austruct has a broad range of experience spanning the following type of work:

  • Materials handling and conveyors
  • Trusses and trestles
  • Chute work
  • Tanks and associated steelwork
  • Mining Infrastructure projects
  • Industrial & commercial structures
  • Concrete panels

Garry Walker is the founder and Managing Director of Austruct Group and has been an active and influential member of the West Australian detailing scene.

Prior to Austruct Garry has worked in a senior capacity with many leading engineering companies including Dawson Offshore and Proteus Engineering and has experience ranging from offshore platforms, major mine site development, stockpiling and layout facilities.

Garry is a founding member of Rapid Alliance and has been involved in its development and management in addition to his role as Vice Chairman on the board of the Alliance.



To be proud of your profession & hold yourself to a high level of personal and professional standards.

To take ownership of your work environment, be accountable and not blame others

To ensure everything you do is in the best interests of Austruct and fellow team members

Honest, Ethical and Integrity:
To always aim for a high work ethic and produce work you are proud of
To treat others the way you want others to treat you


To treat every project as if you were the client
To step up and assist without having to be asked

Respect and Accepting:
Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of nurturing and growth.

To include everyone, understand their differences and make everyone feel part of the team

To ensure everything you do maintains an environment you and everyone around you wants to be involved in.